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Sejong Arts Center was established in the area of 267 Naseong-dong as large as 35,780㎡, consisting of 5 ground floors and 1 basement floor. This is the largest and only professional performance hall in Sejong-si featuring the large concert hall with 1,071 seats as well as high tech stage/sound/lighting facilities.

It includes the orchestra practice room, 4 multi-purpose rooms, and 17 dressing room. It is capable of holding various performances from musical performance to ballet and opera. With the variable acoustics system that makes the sound more solid and three-dimensional as well as 513 stage lighting circuits in total, Sejong Arts Center is ideal to present high-quality performances.

As Sejong Arts Center is officially inaugurated on March 30, 2022, special performances of various genres will be held around the year so that citizens can enjoy a variety of cultural arts to the full in their neighborhood.

Address:Gungnipbangmulgwanro 21, Sejong-si 21

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Sejong Culture and Arts Center is located in Jochiwon-eup, consisting of the concert hall and exhibit hall.
The exhibit hall (295.80㎡) is on the first basement level, and the middle sized multi-purpose concert hall accommodates 830 seats in total on the first and second ground levels. This concert hall is a root of culture and arts of Sejong, holding more than 100 performances of 50 different works of art as well as various exhibitions each year (as of 2021).

Since its opening in July 2000, Sejong Culture and Arts Center was operated by Sejong Facilities Management Office until July 2021 when Sejong Cultural Foundation became the new managing organization and has put forth every effort to promote cultural performances among Sejong citizens.

Address:Munyehwegwangil 22, Jochiwon-eup, Seojong-si


Car : SEJONG ART CENTER(Gungnipbangmulgwanro 21, Sejong-si)

Urban bus route : SEJONG ARTS CENTER Bus Stop
(Bus No. 203, 204, 205)

Sejong Cultural Foundation

  • 세종예술의전당 홈페이지
  • 세종예술의전당 인스타그램
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Car : Sejong Culture and Arts Center (Munyehwegwangil 22, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong-si)

Urban bus route : Sejong Culture and Arts Center Bus Stop
(Bus No. 11, 71; direction of Shinheung-3-ri/Shinbong Elementary School)

Sejong Art Center / Sejong Culture and Arts Center

  • 세종문화예술회관 홈페이지
  • 세종문화예술회관 인스타그램
  • 세종문화예술회관 페이스북